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's legendary godfather of go-go music. chuck brown. this is the beginning of a long good-bye for chuck. fans are snaking their way past his open casket down at the howard theater. for many, this is not a sad occasion. this is rather a time to celebrate the legacy of an artist who brought the city together for a long time. bruce johnson is live at the howard theater with more on the event still going on tonight. bruce. >> hey derek. we are outside the howard theater. a thinner crowd than we've seen for much of the day. these are people getting off work, dropping by. people were able to find parking places. they are at a premium. in the mid afternoon, most part it has been a festive-like atmosphere out here. this view is supposed to go on until 10:00 tonight. it will go on longer. it is public. it is open to everybody. no cameras inside. i'll give you a glimpse of what it's been like around here. is this a viewing unlike anything you've ever seen in this town. >> within the hour, the street in front of the howard theater has become a carnival and chuck brown, father of go-go, would have want
investigation. vestigation. >>> chuck brown's family is holing a public viewing at the howard theater today. >> throughout the day, thousands of fans are expected to come out in honor of the godfather of go-go. melanie alnwick is live at howard theater with details on the tribute this morning. >> reporter: good morning. based on the number of media who are already here this morning, it looks like it will be a pretty well attended event. you said thousands of people are expected. we've heard some estimates as many as 20,000 or 30,000 people. it will be quite the scene here this afternoon. the family has made plans for a very quiet, respectful event. the 75-year-old godfather of go- go died may 17th from complications from pneumonia after a lengthy hospital stay. since then, fans have come to this area not far from where brown grew up to leave tokens of respect and appreciation. brown was scheduled to play a sold-out show at the newly renovated howard on april 1st. he fell ill just days before that. today, the formal farewell begins first with this public viewing. fans will able to quietly wa
say some chunking of the debris the size of cell phones. nobody was hurt. >>> chuck brown, godfather of go-go, being celebrated today at the howard theater. thousands of people stood in lines that stretched for blocks to say farewell to the d.c. pioneer. >> good evening. t street northwest in front of the howard theater you can see filled with people. the interesting thing is, people come to this viewing. they wait in line. they go inside for a few minutes to pay their respects and then they come out and they don't want to leave. they want to be part of the street party. a sendoff for singer chuck brown. ♪ >> reporter: chuck brown was a force whenever he performed despite his success, he remained grounded and will always be remembered as the d.c. native son. >> he loved washington. he represented this city to the fullest. the city loved him back as you can see. >> reporter: fans waited in a long line that stretch three blocks at one point to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. >> what do you think he would be thinking? >> he would want to be playing. >> if he d
dcs howard theatre where today the public viewing for music legend chuck brown will be held. >> throughout the day, thousands of fans are expected to come out and honor the god father of go go. melanie alnwick is live with details. >> good morning tony. street closures around the area are going to begin in two and a half hours once rush hour subsides, 9:30 a.m. we will start to see more and more of the streets here around the howard starting to get locked off and we will begin -- blocked off and we will he bin to see more fans -- begin to see more fans arrive. the family will arrive at 9:00 a.m. and going in a side door toward the back. around 10:00 a.m. members of chuck brown's band will also arrive. the casket carrying chuck brown and the hearse carrying that casket arrived 6:00 a.m. this morning. it was in a cream white hearse they came around to the side door. i was thinking about sort of like that is where chuck brown would have come when he was performing they are coming in through the side door. so sort of not exactly though the entrance that most people here would ha
center with the opportunity to say good-bye to chuck brown better known as the godfather of go-go. ♪ ♪ >> this afternoon's home going service for chuck brown was a chance for fans to mourn and celebrate. it was the celebration, though, of the music and the spirit that he shared with the world. derrick ward at convention center now with more. >> reporter: well, indeed, jim. you know, on the official documents this was called the funeral. the first actually ever here at the convention center. but if you were inside it was a totally different mood. you called it right. you said home going service. it was more about celebrating chuck brown's life than it was about dwelling on the circumstances of his passing. ♪ ♪ >> the mood for the afternoon a round of go-go and some of the personal fafts of chuck brown. >> chuck was always about d.c. >> reporter: in a few minutes it was gospel go-go again. ♪ >> reporter: it was truly a home going service with brown in death as in life still front and center. physically, and in the hearts of other go-go pioneers. >> it's hours, our own t
their respects to chuck brown. >> the godfather of go-go died earlier this month after being hospitalized for several weeks. he was 75. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the site of today's viewing, the howard theatre. good morning, delia. are we seeing anything happening getting ready for what's going to happen in just a few hours? >> reporter: we're certainly still a few hours away but lots of work is being done. take a look we can see that some barriers, some guards have already been put up for the 30,000 people who are expected to come. we're told those folks are supposed to line down c street here and wrap around 7th street. so you can see there are guards already in place for the folks to line up. we have some tents setting up, some folks setting up tents at this point and foods trucks. certainly lots of activity to get ready for what is expected to be a very big day here in washington, d.c. as i said, more than 30,000 fans expected to file into the howard theatre to say goodbye. chuck brown was d.c. in a farewell ceremony scheduled for stand and thursday -- for today an
, but it prompted a rrelative to give them information. >> the "godfather of go-go, chuck brown, late yesterday his family and mayor vincent gray release information on a public viewing and memorial service. john gonzalez is outside the howard theatre in northwest washington with all the details. >> that's right. the mayor's office and the family of chuck brown have announced the memorial plans next week for the late star. they include the newly refurbished howard theatre in northwest d.c., where he was a regular and we're initially scheduled a performance next month. pretty much all day on may 29 there will be a public viewing here at the theater. and on thursday, may 31, a public memorial service down the street at the convention center from noon until 3:00. there will be will closures. thousands are expected both days to pay their final respects to the late star. the city strongly courage as public transportation. this man known as the "godfather of go-go" passed away last week at the age of 75 after being hospitalized for pneumonia. he was still active, forced to cancel several shows earlier
of the single engine piper survived. the pilot and passenger were killed. >> an emotional sendoff for brown. the ceremony is continuing into the evening. there was an all day doing. some big names in d.c. politics and music lovers. the theater has been filled with fans of the late entertainer. >> for many of his fans, chuck brown was such a source of pride and so they are here in droves to remember him at the howard theatre. they started lining up at 6:00 a.m. to pay their respects to an icon. michael berry said he was first in line. >> the picture i wanted to do prior to his passing but once he passed i was moved to jump on it right away. >> chuck brown created his music here called and dc claimed it as its home town music and chuck brown as its legend. whenever he moved around the city, he was mobbed by his fans. >> i love taking pictures and signing autographs. there was a time that the only people who took pictures of me was the police. >> he is the source of city pride. >> i am a native washingtonian. >> he is a legend from dc >> the crowd interrupted as another dc legend came to pay
today to honor chuck brown and tried to give him a goodbye worthy of being the godfather of go go. >> he was a -- this was a four- hour music-filled memorial at the washington community center. it came two days after a public viewing in howard theatre. the district officials recognize brown's legacy and vowed not to forget him. mayor vince gray will introduce a bill to rename a park in d.c. for chuck brown. eleanor homees norton the there to be a national chuck brown day and d.c. chairman brown wants there to be an entire go go hall of fame. >>> president obama spent the day trading jokes with former president george w. bush. bush's presidential portrait was unveiled at the white house today with his wife. and it's the first time the former president has been back to the white house in more than two years. he said the two have their differences and want america to succeed and bush had an inspiring -- for obama. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you were wandering the halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to game at this portrait and ask what would ge
. >>> thousands of fans said their final good-byes to go-go legend chuck brown. his familiar hi held a public viewing at the howard theater yesterday where brown was scheduled to play his next gig before he died on may 16th. huge crowds turned out throughout the day to pay their respects to the d.c. musician. severe rain though forced officials to end the viewing earlier than scheduled. the fans got kind of angry so d.c. police reopened the door. >>> we know of performers and speakers who ill be part of tomorrow's public memorial service tomorrow at the convention center. they include donnie similar ton, ladivi. big g. dougie fresh, mike epps and raheem devon and a special performance by the chuck brown band. >>> today, kenyan mcduffie will be sworn into his ward five seat. he won a special election earlier this month to replace harry thomas, jr. thomas resigned the ward 5 seat back in january just days before he pleaded guilty to embezzling city funds for personal use. mcduffie will serve the remainder of thomas' term which runs through 2014. >>> you've heard his name mentioned as a potentia
will honor the life of chuck brown. ] they will pack the washington convention center for a three- hour service. donnie simpson will host the service. chuck brown died two weeks ago after battling pneumonia. he was 75-years old. multiple crews covering tamara's memorial service. tune into our newscast to marron good morning washington. can log onto and our social media websites as well. coming up, selling success with a 6-year-old. find out whether this little girl in our region continues in the spelling bee. >> >> following a developing story from seattle where a gunman shot and killed four people. this started with a shooting in a cafe. it spread to a carjacking near the university of washington. across the city, it ended when the gunmen took his own life. >> it made me nervous. i live in this neighborhood. i have never seen anything like this before. >> the suspect saw the uniformed officers in the middle of the street and put a gun to his head and shot himself. >> during the manhunt nearby schools and businesses were placed on lockdown. the identity has not been released. i
of lieutenant cmdr wesley brown. brown was a standout student and athlete in graduated in 1949. he was born here in baltimore. in may 2008, the academy named its new field house after him. lieutenant cmdr wesley brown was 85 years old. still ahead, safety concerns regarding a new type of laundry detergent. details in consumer alert. plus, if you plan on boarding a flight earlier because of your children, that might soon change. first, his disappearance changed the way we searched for missing children. now word of a confession in a 30-year-old case. and dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mail your questions to >> a semi truck driver is dead after slamming to a home in suburban chicago. it crashed into the home early thursday morning. the trailer flipped onto a car with two passengers inside were not hurt. a passenger inside the semi truck survived the crash. there is no word on what caused the driver to lose control. there are new developments in the case of a new york city boy who went missing more than three decades ago. new york city police
>>> thousands stopped by the howard theatre to pay respects to chuck brown. this morning new details about his memorial service tomorrow. we are going to fill you in on the list of performers. you will want to hear the list of speakers and acts taking part. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now now >>> straight up 7:00 a.m., wednesday may 30th, 2012. i will tell you this, it does not feel as humid i think you will like that when you step out the door. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. i will agree 100%. easier to breathe today. tucker barnes is joining us now. tucker, i pretty much primarily call you tuck how could you not say tuck is your nickname. >> tuck is fine. my grandmother called me tucky. >> cute. >> embarrassing. i don't know why i just told you that. shower activity south and east of the city, southern maryland, pretty good rains across the bay, rain showers, cambridge east, not quite done with the rain showers yet. just cloud favre the next couple hours and then we will start -- cover the next couple hours and then we will start to see breaks.
. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown. we begin with syria and efforts to end the 15-month assault to forces opposed to bashar al assad. rebel leaders have given the government to observe the u.n. cease-fire plan. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the security council cannot force syria to end the bloodshed. other actions outside the u.n. may be necessary. susan mcginnis in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there's new video out by rebel forces that apparently shows new attacks by the government. now, this all has lawmakers here on capitol hill calling for action on the part of the u.s. smoke rises from rooftops in homs. syrian rebels say this amateur video is proof government troops have no intention of halting attacks on civilians. the shelling follows the new discovery of 13 bodies in eastern syria and the massacre of more than 100 people in houla last week. resident al assad refuses to implement the united nations peace plan and blames the violence on terrorists. u.n. monitors say forces loyal to the government are responsible. >> we think
had their chance to say good-bye to d.c. music legend chuck brown. his family held a public viewing at the howard theater yesterday where brown was scheduled to play his next gig before he tied on may 16th. huge crowds gathered including d.c. city leader who turned out to pay their respects for the godfather of go-go. >> from the very beginning, when he started performing, he and i hit it off as two individual whose had come up the hard way. chuck had been in prison. >> busting loose. >> the memorial service is tomorrow at the washington convention center from noon until 3:00. it is expected to be a well attended service as can you imagine. the city is urging people to take metro because streets will be closed. >>> stay with fox 5 as d.c. says good-bye to the godfather of go-go n our 9:00 hour, some of chuck brown's band mates will be in studio to tell us what he meant to them plus the influence he had on their work. we'll have continuing coverage all week both on air and online at >> nice to see mayor gray's humorous side. >> having some fun there. >> we are following
. >> the public gets a chance to say goodbye this week to d.c. musical legend chuck brown. today a public hearing for the "godfather of go-go will be held at the howard theater in d.c. jummy olabanji is live in northwest with a look ahead. >> good morning. we are outside the howard theatre. even at this early morning hours, preparations are underway. you can see crews are putting up several dozen of those steel grates that will be the line for people waiting to see chuck brown. he died last week after suffering from pneumonia. he was 75 years old. the public viewing will take place today at the howard theatre beginning at 11:00 this morning. that will go until 10:00 tonight. everyone is invited. members of his family will be here as well as his band mates. and city dignitaries including d.c. mayor vincent gray. on thursday, that's when there will be a public memorial service. that will be held at the d.c. convention center from noon until 3:00. that is expected to be a heavily attended event as well. just a reminder for anyone wanting to come out, here this out d.c. police have this area blocked
rain today. back to you guys at the desk. >> thank you. >>> chuck brown's public memorial service is being held today at the washington convention center from noon until 4:00 p.m. the city is urging the public to take metrorail or bus. doors will open for this at 10:00 a.m. and attendance will be capped at 14,500 people. >> if you are not one of the thousands of people going to the memorial service, can you watch it streaming live on we'll begin our coverage when the service begins at noon today. >>> the suspect accused of shooting five people in seattle is now dead. police say the man killed four people in a cafe yesterday morning. shortly after that, they believe the same man killed a woman in an apparent carjacking. police say the man put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger as they approached him. >>> a popular street in d.c. is getting ready to get a major makeover. >> i project will rip up sidewalks and other parts of the area. the idea is to make it better. but as wisdom martin flanes, -- plains, it will be a mess once the work starts. >> reporter: construc
to then minor candidate sulaimon brown for his attacks on mayor adrian fenty. on wednesday, prosecutors charged a second campaign operative, howard brooks, with false statements to the fbi about the scheme to finance sulaimon's attacks. brooks has been cooperating with authorities and reportedly wore an undercover wire for investigators last year. charges against him now indicate another major step in this investigation. mayor vin send gray, his campaign activities under investigation, turned aside all questions about the corruption cases including the u.s. attorney's statement that gray's campaign activities deceived voters. >> the u.s. attorney has said in yesterday's thomas gore case, in 2010 the voters of the district of columbia were deceived by your campaign. >> i think you know there's an ongoing pepping investigation. so there's nothing really i can come on this. it is continuing to unfold. >> you know mr. gordon, mr. brooks, any personal feelings even though you can be comment on the race -- i mean, the investigation itself? >> i think not. >> the mayor aggressively changed the subject
fans lined up yesterday to pay their respects to the late chuck brown. the viewing for the godfather of go go took place yesterday inside the howard theater while a block party of sorts went on outside to celebrate his life. while he was in prison in lorton, virginia, brown swapped a case of cigarettes to get a guitar and that changed his life. a decade later his fusion of several music styles had a name. it was called go go. and lots of loyal fans around washington. generations of fans in fact looked up to brown. >> his work is what d.c. is all about if you're from washington. >> brown died two weeks ago. he was 75. last night's viewing was interrupted by a major thunderstorm. but after the rain passed, the remaining fans got their wish and they were allowed back into the theatre. tomorrow on 9news now, we'll have live coverage of a public memorial service for chuck brown. it's taking place at the washington convention center. >>> maryland's recently passed same-sex marriage law is almost certainly headed to a public vote this november. the maryland marriage alliance and other oppon
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brown in concert. >> and coming up this morning we're going to have more of our exclusive interview with bobby and his family talking about his reaction to the death of his former wife whitney houston and what happened to him in his life in the days after that tragedy. >> and of course we're always trying to help people save money on this sew. so we're one-upping that by giving or letting you know where to find free stuff and lots of it there dating sites to gym passes. there's something, dare i say, for everyone. >> all right. and if you are out looking at homes for $250,000 or less, barbara kosh ran is here, tours from upstate new york, texas and every place in between. >> before we go, just a second ago, 30 seconds ago, savannah guthrie was out here dancing with the best of them. >> oh, yeah. >> she's made her way inside. she's got a check of the headlines. >> and i put down the flashing bracelet. today, exactly 33 years after etan patz disappeared from his manhattan street a new jersey man appears in a new york city court. police say he has confessed to kidnapping and killing th
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.c. region is paying tribute to d.c. music legend chuck brown today. the crowds lined up for a public viewing. the line is so long, they stretch down the block and around the corner. fox 5s karen gray houston is at the viewing tonight in northwest. karen? >> reporter: this is exciting here. what you see happening here, it's kind of a picture block party, a fitting tribute to the father of go go and can you get your chuck brown f-shirts there and there is that long line, a spillover for fans who went earlier to pay their tribute and some are full of emotions, remembering chuck brown as they remembered him n a wide bridge hat, dressed as he would be if he was on stage. in this outpouring of support is a collective thank you from the nation's capitol and that is from the young. especially from some older followers, people who remember when it was on top of the r&b singles chart in 1979. some coming to say farewell including official washington, the mayor, and members of the d.c. council. >> from the very beginning, we hit it off as two individual whoops on the hard way, you know and chuck was in
. we'll see you starting at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. >>> the public viewing of chuck brown had to be cut short last night. police cleared the crowd around 8:30. they didn't want anyone to get hurt in the storms which moved through. thousands of people visited howard theatre tuesday to pay their respects to the godfather of go go music. brown died two weeks ago. he was 75. the scene resembled a street party, something people say brown really would have enjoyed. >> a great man that brought the city together through music. >> rest in peace, chuck. we love you. it will never be the same without you. ♪ feel like busting loose >> can't not love that music when it comes on. there will will be a public service for chuck brown tomorrow. doors open at 10:00 and the memorial begins at noon. >>> a police officer from the town of culpeper, virginia has been indicted on murder charges. >> prosecutors say he's to blame for the shooting death of patricia cook earlier this year and they say this was no accident. >> delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with both sides of this story.
. >> is there any limit in your mind as to what they should do? >> hello, hello. >> i don't see that. >> tina brown has revolutionized how provocative and how much you can push magazine covers. and when magazines frankly aren't selling, she's shown that you can uptick sales by what's on the cover. >> also, newspapers, it's the same thing. we live in new york city. and the "new york post" is le e legendary for its cover. >> virgin atlantic is going to let some of its overseas flights from new york to london let people talk on the phone on their cell phones. there are limits to it, but is this a good idea? >> why do i feel like i run a channel of samuel l. jackson and go no more -- phones on that -- plane. i can't imagine that you want to have phone calls while you're in the middle of flying. >> i would think for every happy traveler who can do business, there's a mad traveler. >> and the noise. >> first of all, we are way too connected as a society. when i'm in an elevateder and someone's on the phone, i take my phone out and pretend i'm on a call and start screaming. >> can you imagine the number
their tributes to chuck brown. >>> another round of rain moving through the area now. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> looking at stories making headlines at 5:30 -- a culpeper police officer is behind bars facing murder charges for the shooting death of a woman. >>> he's got the delegates he needs, but mitt romney's campaign is being overshadowed by one of his supporters' remark. >>> and why fans of chuck brown missed out on a chance to say good-bye to the godfather of go-if. >>> good morning you to, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this wednesday, may 30. as we look outside, 68 degrees outside our studios. we haven't been in the 60s this time of morning here in a couple of days. >> feels a little bit refreshing. >> i like it. >> it's wet out there. meteorologist tom kierein telling us the rain's
of chuck brown. god gather of go go. we'll have what you need to know about tomorrow's big gathering. >>> also ahead, a serious shortage felt deeply on days like today. not enough buglers >>> this week chuck brown fans will have their chance to bid a farewell to the godfather of go go. it is tomorrow from 11:00 to 10 pk p.m. from the howard theater. then on thursday you can go to the washington convention center. if you can't make it in person, we'll be broadcasting it tomorrow on air and on our website >>> a lone bugler plays taps during the memorial day ceremony. but at commemorations, that was something missing. a live musician. as reporter bruce leshan explains, there is a nationwide shortage of buglers or trumpeters to play for the vets. >> reporter: 66 years old taps playing ♪ >> reporter: struggling from cancer and the after effects of a stroke, retired navy musician doug sorensen played taps at the ceremony. more than a decade ago, congress agreed that every vet deserved a two person military escort to fold the flag and play taps on a cd. ♪ taps playing >> repo
by protesters for the second straight died at the nato summit in chicago karen brown with more. >>> thousands of anti-war protesters marched in the streets of chicago, to the convention center where world leaders open the two day nato summit president obama says the focus on winding down the war in afghanistan leaders pledged to shift security responsibility to afghan forces a year earlier than expected but that forces will remain through 2014. after meeting with afghan president hamas' karzeid obama it makes the transition will be challenging >>> the loss of life continues in afghanistan there will be hard days ahead >>> france's new president pledged to bring his troops on this year but leaders say that does not affect the mission >>> there is a rush for the exits we are committed to our operation in afghanistan and see it through >>> the war increasingly unpopular with protesters calling for nato to be disbanded >>> they are the machinery for death and destruction >>> thousands of officers preparing for months to handle security for the summit. their goal is to facilitate peaceful protest
a little more refined. karen brown reports. >> reporter: it seems jarring to think that maynard james keenan, loud and raunchy rocker can also be maynard james keenan, up and coming winemaker. music fans know keenan as front man for tool, a band whose albums have gone multiplatinum, two of them reaching number one. keenan most often sings of anger and pain. a world far removed from this vineyard in jerome, arizona, an historic ghosttown. you're a rock star. you can just slap your name on wine and it would sell? >> that wouldn't be genuine. that wouldn't feel right. we're creating art here. this is not just a commodity. i can't know that unless i made it. if i can hold off releasing the 2010 till spring, that would be good. >> reporter: what he creates are premium high-end wines. his caduceus label, winning over criti critics. "wine spectator" magazine rated one vintage 91 out of 100. his tastings draw art connoisseurs and some hard core music fans. >> only probably the biggest genius in the entire world. >> reporter: his barrel room has also served as a recording studio. here for one
to the western conference finals lakers coach mike brown has received criticism, but meta world peace says the blame is on the players >>> mike was not out there guarding cavan, that was me, gavin scored on me, mike did not throw turnovers at the end of the game mike did not missed a three-point shot, i missed a three-point shot mike did not come in out of shape, well he did come in out of shape, actually he has a fat ... but, it is all mental for coach. >>> one of the best catches your seat lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab it was the final out it would have been a game- tying home run. >>> if there is a leak at the vatican and they think the dollar debt, it documents he's accused of stealing as punishment if convicted has technology caught up to america's most exercise the catch the bottom the new invention that takes away the anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 latest,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> ev
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brown. mortars can play but we do pay their respects from 11:00 a.m. until 10 tonight. a week from tonight a public memorial service will be held at the convention center on mount vernon place from noon until 3:00. chuck brown died last week at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore after suffering from pneumonia. he was 75 years old. >> we are on storm watch tonight with the relatively sunny day across the region that turned into a cloudy and rainy evening, depending on where you live. a first look at what is in store for us. >> there are still of the leftover sprinkles but unlike the last two nights things have really settle down. a few lonesome raindrops in gaithersburg and montgomery county. folks down in prince george's county and anne arundel county at all that rain. manassas is where the dangerous flooding was. all of that is changing as we head into the weekend. our first traditional weekend of summer or it will feel like it. we will have at all in a few minutes. >> coming up, a father and son forced apart by war. tonight you'll see the surprise reunion at a baseball game. >>
to chris brown. chris is outside the howard theater where the viewing is still taking place at this hour. >> reporter: good evening. it is hot. it has been sunny all day. we've had a few problems with the crowd. a couple people overcome with the heat. the ambulances transported them. other people selling water so people can stay hydrated. this has become a street party of sorts and will probably last until 10:00 p.m. a street party which is a fitting tribute to the godfather of go-go. fans sang songs in his memory and showed us the way his music makes them move. tony was a dancer who performed on stage with him. >> i started with chuck when i was 15 years old. now i'm 50. i'm going to miss him very much. >> reporter: the godfather of go-go touched so many lives. >> he is my real godfather. he is an inover 58thor. he isn't going anywhere. from of them, we'll be with him one day again. and god rest his soul in peace. we love you, chuck. >> reporter: fans waited in long lines to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. the d.c. mayor '50 sent gray spent an hour beside the ca
to the disabled list. the club had to recall brown from syracuse. he could be out for a couple of months. there is a region -- reason roger federer is known as a tennis great. if he wins, he could become the first 30-year-old man to win a grand slam tournament in about a decade. interesting. game one of the eastern conference finals is tonight at 8:30. the miami heat hosts the boston celtics. >> it looks like summer has begun. >> and another 90-degree day on the way tomorrow. we have a cool down on the way. thunderstorms develop late tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours. >> thank you so much. >> we will see y
not a decisive one. >> thank you. >>> the weather put a damper to chuck brown's viewing. members were not allowed in the center itself but the scene outside was very much in the spirit of the godfather of go go. >> he is my soul, he is my rock. >> reporter: it was a story heard often today on the streets surrounding the howard theater. >> i rocked with him. i grooved with him. >> reporter: washingtonians describe their decade long love affair with chuck brown's music. ♪ music playing >> he's a go go king. he's the everything. >> reporter: they waited in long line to view chuck's body. >> this man wasn't just a musician. >> an icon. >> his music is what dc is all about. >> reporter: the godfather of go go died two weeks ago. the viewing at the historic howard theater where he played numerous concerts attracted 15,000 people. many of whom lingered on t street for an impromptu block party that almost everybody agree chuck would have enjoyed. >> it's just amazing. it just speaks to just how much of a -- how much he was loved. all across the city. >> reporter: what nobody loved was the sudden downpo
for helping get cash from the gray campaign into the hands of minor candidate sulaimon brown. yesterday gray's assistant treasurer thomas gore pleaded guilty for his role in the scheme aimed at helping gray defeat incumbent mayor adrian fenty. >> did you know of this activity, what they were doing? >> again, i'm not going to comment. we'll let the investigation play out. >> today howard brooks like thomas gore yesterday is looking at serious prison time not because of their original actions of giving money to sulaimon brown but because of the cover-up and the information filed federal court today the document says brooks told fbi special agents he never gave candidate b or candidate b's campaign any cash, money orders or other types of payment. he lied. sulaimon brown in a statement today called on mayor fray to resign from office. he charge -- gray to resign from office. he charged he was given money orders, cash and a job in the administration in exchange for his work on behalf of great campaign. brown was eventually fired for alleged incompetence. mayor gray has steadfastly denied any kno
crisis continues to grow. governor brown is expected to rehe's his re-advised plan to ease the $16 billion deficit. he wants to raise the sales tax and increase taxes on the rich which brown believes the state needs to under if schools and protect public safety. the budget and public safety are an issue at the city level. many are battling with pension reform to reduce ballooning deficits. and in san jose, it is creating problems in the police department. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live in the newsroom with more. >> police officers say the pension reform measure b on the june ballot will slash the future takeout pay of officers as much as 50%. the police officers union says the measure is so unreasonable it will force many officers to leave the department which is already understaffed. >> they are leaving in droves. it is really sad to watch. >> he is president of the san jose police officer's union. he is concerned that measure b, a pension reform plan on the june 5th ballot has caused many officers to seek work with other police departments. >> we had an additional 60 or
know about the race between elizabeth warren and scott browne for the senate seat. there is another candidate on that race damaging on the democrat side. her name is marisa de franco. she supports health plans, green jobs, and capping federal funds to wall street. she has 10,000 signatures, and hopes to get enough delegates this weekend to get on the ball ballot. will she be able to do it? she is joining me now. mrs. de franco, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you for having me, it's a joy. >> you're unfamiliar to a lot of my viewers with b what should they foe about you? >> that i have been a practicing attorney in the commonwealth representing people from all walks of life. and using that real world advocacy to get results and help people solve problems. i want to bring that talent and skill to representing people from the state of massachusetts into the united states senate. >> why are you a better match up against scott brown? >> i'm better because i have real world experience that speaks to all voters. we need to win more than just the democrat base in massachusetts beca
to pay prib constitute -- to pay tribute to the late chuck brown.  >>> making headlines this pry morning, the spacex dragon cap suit will today try to dock with the international space station. dragon spent most of the thursday doing tests and maneuvers close to the iss. astronauts aboard the space station were able to successfully accepted the capsule commands. the docking is set for 11:30 this morning. >>> also making headline being scandal force as a government official out of his job. it is not cheer at this point if neve neely resigned from the general services administration or if he was fired. neely helped organize a 2010gsa conference in las vegas with and $823,000 tab. that conference included this video showing gsa employees mocking the agency's spending habits. neely was called to testify in front of congress but pleaded the fifth. >>> the debate continues in congress over how to keep student loan rates from rising. if an agreement isn't reached, interest on loans will double to 6.8%. 6.8%. >>> much warmer
but the raiders play the panthers. lakers head coach mike brown has received criticism for his team's exit and meta world peace says the blame is on the players >>> mike was not out there guarding kevin that was me, kevin scored on the mike did throw the turnovers, mike did not missed three-point shots i missed a three-point shot, mike did not coming out of shape, well he did coming out of shape , it is all mental for coach. >>> one of the bus schedules the lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab, the fun out it would of been a game-tying home run brian sabean one, need defense on the giants. >>> you could argue it was a matter of time before crooks broke the code were talking about bar codes at the heart of every beat when you pay at the counter and crooks can capitalize coming up at 630 howe they're doing it. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 cbs evening news next with a massacre and syria dozens of children among 90 people killed in an attack. see you in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
'm terrell brown. >>> the man who says he killed etan patz is scheduled to be arraigned today 33 years to the day the then-6-year-old boy vanished blocked from his new york city home. police say they have a signed confession from pedro hernandez. it's still unclear what, if any, evidence officials have to prove hernandez's story. john miller has more. >> reporter: in 1979 pedro hernandez, then 18 years old, worked at his family's small grocery in the soho neighborhood just a block from where 6-year-old tan patz disappeared on his way to school. based on a tip, detectives from new york city drove to this small house in maple shade, new jersey, and brought hernandez to the police station. commissioner ray kelly announced the arrest. >> hernandez described to detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop, led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> reporter: police say hernandez was brought back to the scene of the crime where he retraced his steps for investigators. pro
. as terrell brown reports, a repeal effort is under way. >> reporter: when maryland's governor signed the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland, michele stood behind him. you're in the picture? >> yes. >> reporter: she and tracy taylor, her partner of 20 years, planned to marry in their home state when it becomes legal in january. >> if something was to happen to me, i would want tracy to be able to collect my death benefits, be able to carry out my last will. >> reporter: but now they face a problem. >> you sign the petition already? >> reporter: opponents of the law are collecting signatures, trying to get a referendum on the november ballot to overturn it before it takes effect. so far 30 states have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. in maryland, some of the strongest opposition for the law has come from the black community. about 30% of the population. >> god said that in every home there needs to be a representation of his glory to manhood and femininity. >> reporter: pastor harry jackson believes same-sex marriage undercuts the strength of family tradition. >
brown. >> he ran on a flat form of honesty and it's hypocriticahyp. >> reporter: howard brooks and thomas gore each pleaded guilty to secretly funding brown. >> let's not minimize what occurred here. it was a deception of the public. it's deceiving the public which is a major crime when you're talking about elections and the fundamental bedrock of our democracy is having an open and honest election. >> reporter: light foot says it's possible gray knew or did nothing illegal, but many finity campaign workers would like to hear from mayor gray. >> we don't know if he's instead yesterday. but i do think it's time that the mayor tell us what he knows. >>> fenty has never publicly commented on the campaign's scandal. mayor gray says commentin commenting. >>> a mother had to fight off a baby accused of trying to snap her bus. it happened this morning on board an omni link bus near graham park road. wilder tried to grap her 6 month old son out of his baby seat, but the mom managed to stop her. >>> a mcclain man who seriously burned himself in a kitchen fire has died. police say 91-yea
are expected to pay their last respects to the late chuck brown tomorrow. there will be a public viewing at the howard theater from 11:00 tomorrow morning until 10:00 tomorrow night. the memorial service thursday from noon until 3:00 at washington convention center. the godfather of go-go music died of pneumonia two weeks ago at age 75. the public is encouraged to take public transportation to chuck brown's viewing. parking limited. in part because several streets will be closed for the viewing. t street will be closed from 7th street to florida avenue starting at 3:00 in the morning. the closure will expanned to 9th street at 9:30 a.m. most of the other streets in the general area will shut down and remain closed until midnight. and for the memorial service at the washington convention center on thursday, l street, northwest will be closed, between 7th and 9th. that will happen at 6:00 in the morning. it will reopen at 6:00 p.m. >>> getting back from the beach is taking a while for a lot of people tonight. the backup started building up around 4:00 this afternoon. by 6:00 or so there wa
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